Back Pain

Back Pain

Back pain is a common ailment for which physical therapy is often recommended as a first-line treatment.

Physical therapy for back pain involves guided therapeutic exercises aimed at strengthening lower back muscles, conditioning spinal tissues and joints, and improving flexibility and range of motion of the spine.

Short and long-term goals of physical therapy for back pain include reducing painful symptoms in the lower back and/or leg, developing the ability to tolerate daily activities independently with minimal-to-no pain, increasing the spine’s flexibility and developing a maintenance program to prevent the recurrence of back problems.

The exercises are designed to provide flexibility and strength training to the entire kinetic chain of body segments, joints, and muscles.

Physical therapy can help restore a patient’s ability to perform daily activities with minimal discomfort, and studies have shown that it can provide up to 60% improvement in lower back pain and related symptoms.

The following fees are applicable to physiotherapy patients paying by cash, card or BACS on the day of their treatment.

Treatments with Eve Stoesser
Initial assessment – 1 hour £55
Follow up session – 30 minutes £40
Follow up session – 45 minutes £55